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It’s All In The Name

Have you named your home? People love visiting a home that has a great title. It’s like giving your parties a theme and I’m pretty obsessed with the idea. In fact, during our RV travels around the country—in Winnie the Warrior Princess (aptly named)—a good portion of our driving time (when I wasn’t getting pulled over) was spent mulling over what we would call our estate, ranch or castle someday. (#goals) And since it’s one of my favorite things to do—today, we’re going to name my friend, and fellow mermaid, Amber’s new home!

They’ve just moved in, and it’s a new build, completely gorgeous and deserves a name asap. We’re enlisting another mermaid, Vina, to help. That way we can turn this into a cocktail party! We’ll be making Pink Crush Margaritas. Get the recipe below and join us!

Pink Crush Margarita
1 tsp Agave
½ oz Fresh Lime
3 oz Grapefruit Tequila (I used Dulce Vida
Flower Garnish
(Pink Himalayan Salt Rim Optional)

Fill blender with ice. Add agave, lime and tequila. Blend! Add salt rim if you like and a flower garnish (for drama). Enjoy!

Ideas To Help You Name Your Abode
First (and most fun), make sweepingly fabulous decisions about what kind of home you have. Cottage, Manor, Studio, Loft, Bungalow, Hideaway, Retreat, Barn, Tree House, Club House, Estate, Ranch, Castle, etc. Think big even if you live in a small space! And for those of you who actually live in a castle, I look great in a tiara, call me.

We’ve decided Amber’s home is a Casa, an homage to her Mexican roots.

Then spend some time while sipping a Pink Crush while brainstorming about the history or unique elements of your dwelling. Does it sit near a historical site, is it off a famous road, does it have a towering chimney or a twisting staircase, does it reside on a beautiful hill or ominous cliffside? Think of anything that sparks conversation about your home.

Maybe you want to use your family name or combined family names in a unique way to produce a chic title. This can include fun cultural touches. My friends John and Andrew came up with a fancy name for their country home by combining their family names in a truly creative way. It just screams, “visit.” (And we do, a lot!)

Nothing yet? Have another sip…


Do your pets have clever names that you want to incorporate?

Names of local birds or plants is another good way to come up with ideas. Are you regularly visited by hummingbirds? These beautiful itty bitties can weigh as little as 2.5g and I’ve often thought of them as fairies. Who wouldn’t be excited to visit a home frequented by fairies.

Do you raise chickens, have goats, ride horses or happen to have an extraordinary fishpond? My girlfriend Hollie calls her home, “The Little Farm,” because she keeps adding more and more animals. The name is also a nod to a vintage book she found with the same title. She displays the book in her home, and it’s a perfect fit and a great conversation piece.

Favorite books and movies are a great place to pull ideas!

There are so many exciting ideas to help come up with a great name for your favorite space. But the best part is enlisting friends to help. So invite friends over and get brainstorming. Here’s what we landed on-

Casa de Ojos Claros

House of Light Eyes. We’ve combined her strong Mexican heritage with the blue eyes of her husband and daughter.

Have you come up with a name for your home, share with us below!

Splish Splash!


Keep your heels, head and standards high and your home a happy one.

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